Message !

“Serving humanity even beyond the responsibilities of one’s duty, calls for special human beings. I have myself believed deeply and strongly in the need to treat people who are disabled as an integral part of our own society.” -Kiran Bedi.

“The Service of humanity is the service of God.”-Mahatma Gandhi

“Serve Man Kind and you’ll have all the happiness in this world.”-Swami Vivekananda

"No one has ever become poor by giving."


AMK Exim Consultants is an organization dedicated and driven by focus to reach those most in need. An implementing agency to initiate and to help bridge the gap for betterment of the society, founded with an aim to encourage empowerment of women, gender equality, child protection and initiate active part in development of poor children education, health in the rural and semi urban areas and also promote and preserve the dying form of folk, art, craft and culture with creating an income generating platform for the talented artists and indigenous artisans.
Indian heritage, art and culture form the very root of Indian civilization and our national identity. As Indians it is time for each of us to realize the creative contribution of artists to the country, which enables to shapes its unique identity. At the same time art, being primarily an object of pleasure, imparts joy to all, and has the potential to widen one’s ken of perception. Our project aims at promoting and showcasing extensively contemporary art in India and abroad. Great care has been taken to position contemporary Indian Art amid the world of art and culture in a balanced and coherent manner.

Our Objective:

• Promote and develop, art and culture, including paintings, sculptures, and different forms of art, both traditional and modern.
• Organize exchange residency workshops through our Culture Connect Program with artists from different states of India and outside the Country.
• Develop, build or acquire hostels, or shelter, for artists, their family or persons engaged for promoting, art, music, culture in general irrespective of caste creed or religion.
• Manage, maintain and run Art centers, engaged in the development and promotion of Art & Culture.
• Carry out publications, documentary films, serials, books, on literature, art & culture, for useful benefit and for promotion of knowledge in the field of Art.